About Clipcentric

Who We Are & What We're doing

We were founded by the team that built the leading local solution for rich media advertising, that was acquired by Yahoo, Inc (Nasdaq: YHOO), a technology that has served almost a billion ads per day.

75% of the newspapers in the US used our technology, and we see every one of them turning to Clipcentric to produce video advertisements for their local advertisers.

Given our track record of success, we are confident asking you to entrust us to monetize your media assets. Since we do not require exclusivity, the only risk to you is the time it takes to upload your media!

We have our media headquarters in Albany, NY and our development headquarters in Cupertino, CA.

The Niche You've Been Looking For

As a provider of stock media content, you know that there is a lot of content out there, and getting your content to stand out and get chosen is not always easy. One of the best ways to generate more revenue from your stock media is to focus on an underserved niche.

With Clipcentric, our whole business model serves an underserved market... local advertisers that are often too inexperienced to search out relevant content, or don't have the budgets to produce the quality marketing material that would require the content in the first place!

Because our customers are paying for our video production and delivery platform as a whole, they many times are not even aware of the cost of a single media asset... no awareness = no barriers to use.

Additionally, our stock database is completely focused on content that is useful to local small business advertisers. Call it a niche within a niche.