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Clipcentric powers the publishers and brands who are winning at premium display advertising
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Flawless premium
display ads
Flawless premium display ads
Clipcentric's creative production platform puts powerful ad engineering technology at your fingertips, allowing any creative vision to come alive across devices.

We've distilled 20+ years of ad tech experience into a robust platform for creating, deploying, and measuring ad formats that drive revenue, all backed by our superhuman support team.

Watch the video
Watch the video
"We continue to be impressed with how flawlessly the tools work for us on a daily basis. Best vendor switch ever!"
- Jennifer Dragon, Director Creative Services, Cox Media Group
Drive revenue by taking charge of your ad products portfolio
From standard and simple to sophisticated and sublime, seize opportunities to optimize your ad inventory with direct sold formats that earn more and perform better, all built and powered with Clipcentric's platform.
Purpose-built for premium display ads, our technology lets you create and deliver ad units that run responsively in any environment and give you the reporting and metrics you need to judge success.
Templated or totally custom, Clipcentric lets you combine ad formats and features to create ads that are never limited by technology and always put you in complete control of the creative process.
Clients love our ability to breakthrough barriers to get ads live and revenue delivered. Bring us an idea at breakfast and we can probably build it out and get it to a working demo before happy hour.
We've spent decades building technology to power display ads and deeply understand the complexities of making ads work across environments and comply with emerging privacy and accessibility requirements.
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Build ad units that engage, convert, and win
Clipcentric makes it easy for brands to build interactive, dynamic features that work across all devices and ad formats. Our platform can handle anything you can imagine, so creativity never takes a backseat to technology.
Truly Interactive
Ad Features
Auto-adjust ads based on weather, time, location, or real-time data feeds
Create game-based ads like scratch-off, quizzes, countdown clocks
Drive commerce with maps, store locators, product carousels
Interactive HTML5, video, on-scroll animation, SMS or email from ad unit
Proven Platform
Dynamic creative optimization adjusts to only serve high performing ads
Clipcentric ad tags compatible with all industry serving standards
Fast, flexible ads that incorporate evolving privacy standards
Incredible reporting and tracking flexibility, including third-party integration to go beyond views & clicks
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Unlimited Ad Formats
Clipcentric simplifies the production of any ad format, from industry standards to your own proprietary formats. If you've seen it or can imagine it, you can create it at scale with Clipcentric.
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The Clipcentric
Ad Studio
The Clipcentric Ad Studio
Simple, layer-based design tools and an array of prebuilt templates and formats speed up workflows whether you're creating standard ads or completely customized executions.

Clipcentric ad tags are compatible with every industry serving technology and automatically sync parameters to give you robust and customized reporting beyond impressions and clicks.

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Creative Control
Intuitive interface lets designers produce sophisticated HTML5 animations
Device-specific workspaces ensure true responsiveness of ad units
Build any ad using our templates, your own formats, or develop custom executions
Streamline and centralize workflows across distributed teams to ensure consistency
Dynamic Delivered
Automatic Thompson Sampling optimizes ad in real-time to maximize performance
Functionality delivered from right within the ad, no need to engage your own tech team
Built-in QA and dynamic versioning ensure the right ads run and run flawlessly
Superior functionality without bloated code libraries keep load times snappy
Metrics Your Way
Add your own custom tracking parameters
Automatic syncing with ad server parameters like Line ID and Creative ID so you can verify your metrics
Incorporate any third-party tracking metrics alongside ours
Real-time views of campaign optimization
Our Ingenuity Powers Your Results
Hundreds of thousands of campaigns, millions of ad units, billions of impressions. Industry insights and customer stories.
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About Clipcentric
The Clipcentric Ad Studio is a powerful platform for the production and management of premium digital display advertisements.

After founding AdInterax, a pioneer in early display advertising technology, and selling it to Yahoo!, Marcus Doemling and Peter Matsuo together started Clipcentric in 2014.

Our talented team of designers and software engineers are behind award-winning digital ad campaigns run by top publishers and brands such as Nike, Pepsi, Hyundai, Chipotle, Audi, and more.

We're committed to building superior, flexible ad technology backed by great customer service.
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